About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred provider of high quality health care services.

Our Mission

Osmond General Hospital is committed to providing patient centered, high-quality healthcare in a cost effective and safe manner.

Our Values

Osmond General Hospital is governed by five core values that reflect how we relate to patients, their families, visitors, employees, physicians, volunteers, vendors, and others in the community. It is our goal to promote an atmosphere of optimism, loyalty and ethical values.

  • Commitment to Excellence
    • We strive to maintain excellence in quality of care to our patients and to the surrounding community.
  • Courtesy and Consideration
    • Courtesy and consideration are valued traits of our employees as we care for the person as a whole – including their physical, psychological, and spiritual needs.
  • Confidentiality¬†
    • We regard confidentiality as essential and of the utmost importance for our patients and employees.
  • Honesty and Integrity
    • We practice and stand by the use of honesty and integrity in any and all dealings with patients and family members, employees and other facilities in our daily operations.
  • Teamwork¬†
    • Teamwork is the cornerstone in the foundation of quality services. We promote and encourage an environment of teamwork in order to deliver needed services to our patients and the community in a nondiscriminatory manner.
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