Osmond Hospital Area Health Foundation

The Foundation was envisioned as a source of financial support for the many special programs in progress and those for the future. Monies donated to the Foundation are not used for day-to-day operations. The Foundation accepts, holds and invests all gifts, bequests, benefits of trust and property of any sort. It may disburse the funds or interest from the funds, not just for the hospital, but for the overall health related needs of the entire area.

The Osmond Hospital Area Health Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization.

Our Commitment to Your Future

Osmond Hospital Area Health Foundation was established in 1993, membership is open to everyone. The Foundation Board consists of volunteers representing each of the communities the hospital serves.


To support and improve health services for the area served by Osmond General Hospital through solicitation and acceptance of gifts and contributions


Support recruitment and retention activities designed to maintain and insure the future presence of well-trained physicians and mid-level practitioners in our communities, along with other essential allied health personnel addition of new technology.

Development of new health-focused programs both within and outside the hospital that involve the communities served by the hospital.

Support of other area health related projects and programs as approved by the foundation board.

Types of gifts accepted:

Memorial gifts in honor of loved ones. Money is designated to be used for the purchase of needed equipment.

How are these gifts used?

Your gift will be used for the purpose you indicate. If you do not make a specific designation for the use of your money, the donation will go to the area of greatest need as determined by the Foundation Board.

There is no minimum gift. It is through such gifts that each of us can make a lasting contribution to the future of health care in our area.

Current Foundation Board Members are:

  • Kent Gansebom
  • Clarette Berner
  • Chris Wilken
  • Doug Ketelsen

Please Feel Free To Contact Us

CEO at 402-748-3393, any of the OHAHF Board Members or mail your donation to: