Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Policy Summary

It is the policy of Osmond General Hospital to provide financial assistance to qualifying patients with their outstanding bills for medically necessary and emergency care provided at the Hospital.

Patients That Qualify For Financial Assistance

To receive financial assistance under the Financial Assistance Policy, you must be financially indigent.

Financially Indigent

To be “financially indigent”, you must be uninsured or underinsured and have a household income equal to or less than 100% of Federal Poverty Level (“FPL”). However, even if your household income equals or is below the required FPL, you may not qualify as “financially indigent” if your net worth exceeds 200% percent of your total medical bills from the Hospital. Net worth is determined based on your assets, including any homes, land, or property, etc. net of any liabilities other than your Hospital bills. If you qualify as “financially indigent,” financial assistance will be provided based on a sliding fee scale comparing household income to a percent of FPL as set forth in the Policy.

If you are eligible for financial assistance, you will not be charged more than amounts generally billed to patients who have health insurance. You may be given more financial assistance if the discount for which you qualify does not satisfy this requirement.

How To Apply

The Hospital encourages patients who may qualify to apply for financial assistance. Patients can apply for financial assistance by completing and submitting a financial assistance application to Patient Financial Services at Osmond General Hospital, 402 North Maple Street Osmond, NE 68765.

A copy of the Policy and a financial assistance application may be obtained at no charge by going to the Hospital’s website,, or by visiting the Hospital’s Patient Financial Services. The Policy and a financial assistance application may also be sent to you by mail free of charge by contacting Patient Financial Services at (402) 748-3393 Ext. 127.

Further Information and Assistance with Applying

If you have questions about financial assistance or need assistance with applying for financial assistance, you may contact Patient Financial Services at Osmond General Hospital

402 North Maple Street
Osmond, NE 68765
(403) 748-3393 Ext. 127.